ReflexSun Plisse – Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds

ReflexSun Plisse are modern pleated blinds that enjoy an increasing recognition of our customers. Thanks to the design and installation system, the product doesn’t in any way restrict the freedom of opening the windows. We offer two types of installation – with non-invasive brackets that are hooked up to the window frame, and by means of specially designed clips that are screwed with headless screws to the glazing bead. Side gliding in form of glides or steel lines provides unlimited possibilities for installation even on roof windows.


  • wide range of fabrics colors;
  • aluminum upper and lower gutters ensure stability and rigidity of the curtains;
  • accessories available in the following colors: white, brown, anthracite, anode, golden oak and wood-like veneer;
  • easy and quick installation.
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piktogram_szybki_montaz łatwy montaż
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