What is a screen roller shutter?

What is a screen roller blinds?

The ReflexSun Screen roller blinds protect against excessive penetration of sunlight into the rooms and their over-standard heating, but without limiting the visibility to the outside, thereby ensuring the optimal lighting.

They prevent formation of the greenhouse effect, which helps to improve the thermal comfort in the rooms. They also significantly reduce costs associated with air-conditioning.

The screen fabrics used in the roller blinds absorb and reflect from 70% to 95% of solar radiation.

In order to achieve the maximum effects and make sure that the roller blinds meet the above mentioned functions, they should preferably be mounted outside the shaded surface.


The ReflexSun roller blinds are built of:


aluminium structure, consisting of:

  • roller blind box;
  • aluminium guides or steel lines in polyamide cover;
  • octagonal tube;
  • lower profile;
  • curtain  – fabric:
  • reflecting screen fabric, e.g. Copaco, Soltis, Dickson.


In the roller blind box there is an octagonal tube, inside which an engine is mounted (in the version with electrical control) along with:


  • planetary gear;
  • limit switches;
  • overload switch;
  • remote control receiver (only if there is remote control).


Lowering and raising the screen roller blinds can be done using electric drive - with
remote control device or a switch, or by manual drive – with a crank. If the roller shutter is equipped with electric drive, it is possible to use weather automatics and smart systems. 


Electric engine with the built-in remote control receiver is equipped with derived three-core cable (SOMFY two-core cable), while the engine adapted to the control by means of a switch – with a four-core cable. Electrical connection and setting of engines must be carried out in accordance with engines manufacturer's manual that is delivered with the product.


It is recommended that ReflexSun screen roller blinds installation should be made by ​​an authorized distributor or specialized, trained assembly team, which is the basis for warranty. In order to properly install the ReflexSun screen roller blinds, the principles of assembly should be followed and the distance specific for each system should be kept.

After installing the electrically controlled roller blinds, it should be connected to the previously prepared electrical and control systems. The ReflexSun screen roller blinds should be connected in accordance with the previously developed, individual wiring diagram in accordance with engines manufacturer’s instructions.


The control of roller blinds group is possible by:

  • using the appropriately designed relay systems (TR) and the switch.
  • remote control with single or multi-channel remote control device. In this case, the transmitters and receivers should be programmed according to the assembly instructions supplied with the engine.


When putting the roller shutters into service particular attention should be paid to:

  • correct rolling of fabric down and up,
  • proper activation of the limit switches which are set by the manufacturer.


Before and after the season  (spring, autumn) you should:

  •  check, if the screen roller blinds rolls down and up correctly
  • check, if the limit switches function correctly
  • check the state of cover – fabric
  • clean the fabric, if necessary

 Cleaning the fabric should be carried out as follows:

  1.  lower the fabric to the full extent;
  2. dust the fabric with a soft bristle brush, then rinse the surface with clean water
  3. wash the fabric using a neutral detergent and water at 20°C - 40°C, depending on pollution degree,
  4. rinse with clean water.
  5. dry the fabric in lowered position.


It is forbidden to use:

chemical substances of organic or inorganic origin, i.e. acetone, gasoline, kerosene, ammonia, soda, bleach, etc.



 In order to ensure the proper functioning of the roller shutters, it is forbidden to carry out any structural changes in the system. Failure to meet this condition relieves the manufacturer from liability for the product and the customer loses the warranty for it. The shutters are designed and manufactured in a manner that guarantees safety to the user, provided that they are properly operated.



 The running time of the electric engine is precisely defined and cannot exceed 4 minutes 
which represents 20% of the cycle. The remaining 80% of the cycle, i.e. approx. 16 minutes, is time for mandatory engine cooling.

 Failure to meet the above conditions can lead to permanent damage of the electric engine.

 In the event of changing weather conditions (announced or approaching storms, strong wind), the roller shutter should be immediately rolled up. An exception from that rule are the modern ZIP Screen roller blinds that, depending on the system choice, have a high wind resistance