ReflexSun Thermic – thermic screen roller blinds

ReflexSun Thermic are thermic screen roller blinds, designed for installation in glassed, strongly sunlit rooms such as winter gardens, large glass facades, offices, conference rooms and anywhere where there is no possibility of using the outdoor curtains, and there is a need for thermal stabilization of the room.

The fabric of thermic roller blinds occurs in one color - silver.

The silvery low-emission coating, which covers the thermic roller shutter fabric on both sides, absorbs heat in the summer to protect the room from heating, and in winter it protects the room from heat loss. Three-percent degree opening of the fabric provides visibility to the outside and guarantees comfortable rest and work.


Characteristics :

  • an innovative product with great thermal insulation properties;
  • the use of diagonal weave and fiberglass significantly improves the quality and longevity of the product;
  • the thermic roller shutter does not block the vision to the outside and guarantees transmission of visible light at the TV 4 level;
  • the fabric is covered with metallic low-emission coating on both sides, providing benefits in summer by blocking the heat from inside, and in winter it is an effective barrier against heat loss through glass surfaces.

Warianty montażu:

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