ReflexSun Acoustic – Acoustic screen roller blinds

Acoustic roller blinds

The acoustic screen roller blinds is an innovative curtain, which due to its properties, is widely used in concert halls, theaters, churches, design halls, conference rooms and in places where sound absorption is needed.

A special fabric made ​​of fiberglass eliminates reverberant sounds providing acoustic correction. The fabric can be applied not only in form of a roller shutter covering glass surfaces, but also as suspended ceiling, in form of a sail which provides unlimited design possibilities. The colors of fabric stimulate the imagination providing not only acoustic but also decorative effect.

Acoustic roller blinds are installed exclusively indoors.




  • elimination of reverberant sounds in the room;
  • acoustic roller shutter has acoustic certificate;
  • flame retardant;
  • possibility to perform screen roller blinds in every system;
  • application in theaters, cinemas, design halls, audiovisual halls, churches;
  • it is possible to install the roller shutter in so-called sails, e.g. in cafes.


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