ReflexSn Screen In & Out – internal and external screen roller blinds


ReflexSun In&Out are screen roller blinds that revolutionized the window roller blinds market and enabled the screen roller blinds installation outside of the building. The screen fabric is weatherproof, resistant to UV rays and easy to keep clean. Depending on the translucency, it can let more or less light into the room, protecting the interior from direct sunlight and at the same time not cutting off the view of the outside world. Mounted on the outside of the building, it prevents glass surfaces from excessive heating, thus significantly contributing to a comfortable indoor temperature. Installed inside, it partially retains its thermal properties and constitutes a decorative element of the room.


Application :


  • indoor installation;
  • outdoor installation.


Characteristics :


  • practical and very economical solution;
  • wide range of fabrics colors;
  • protection from heating rooms and building facades;
  • stop harmful sun radiation;
  • modification of the system enables adjustment of the product to the individual customer’s needs.


  • manual (chain, crank);
  • electric (switch, radio waves, smart control).

Warianty montażu:

montaz_we_wneke montaz_do_fasady montaz_do_zabudowy
We wnękę Do fasady/do ściany Do zabudowy
piktogram_przeciwsloneczne przeciwsłoneczne
piktogram_100_zaciemniajace 100% zaciemniające
piktogram_wizyjne wizyjność
piktogram_szybki_montaz szybki montaż
piktogram_elektryczne sposób sterowania - elektryczne (silnik, pilot)
piktogram_reczne sposób sterowania - ręczne (korba)
piktogram_do_wewnatrz zasłona do wewnątrz
piktogram_na_zewnatrz zasłona na zewnątrz
piktogram_obizajace_koszty_klimatyzacji_i_ogrzewania obniżające koszty klimatyzacji i ogrzewania
piktogram_gwarancja gwarancja

COPACO – latest trends


COPACO has developed a number of unique innovations in screen fabrics production, thus positioning itself as a leader in the field of technical fabrics.

Colors according to the architect’s choice;  COPACO offers colors and the trendiest color patterns that perfectly match the desires of architects, interior designers, and consumers.



DICKSON - optimal visual and THERMAL comfort

INNOVATIVE weaving techniques providing unparalleled STRENGTH


SUNWORKER, a fabric protecting against solar radiation, adjusts the access of light and heat, and optimizes energy consumption in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. 

A really natural air conditioner, Sunworker enables you to effectively achieve the objectives set by the EPBD (European Directive concerning the energy performance of buildings). The energy efficiency of the fabric makes it well suited for application in the service and housing sectors.




Soltis are composite fabrics of a very high strength. The screen fabric weaves are thermally and mechanically joined, ensuring performance, durability and modern design.


The main advantages of Soltis fabrics:


  • a real heat shield increasing the energy efficiency of buildings;
  • ensure optimum visibility outdoors, eliminate glare from the sun;
  • resistance and dimensional stability, Serge Ferrari Précontraint - exclusive patented technology that offers a thin, lightweight product.


Soltis offers a wide range of 50 colors in order to increase the amount of technical and aesthetic solutions as well as adapt the fabric to the facade design:


  • 100% recyclable using the patented process Texyloop®;
  • NF Toiles (French fabrics standard) certification;
  • LCA and FRSE (Environment and Health Data Sheet) available on request.