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COPACO – Innovative Screen Fabrics Manufacturer

Copaco®, as a manufacturer offering decorative and durable, both external and internal screens, thanks to many years of experience, vast knowledge concerning products, up-to-date production system and wide range of products, is the global leader and a company setting the trends on screens market. The achieved “pole position” is daily strengthened by Copaco® through investment in the latest technology solutions, up-to-date production systems and development of new fabrics.


The main efforts of the manufacturer focus on building the customer’s awareness of the importance of effective sun protection provided by high-quality screen fabrics. In this way, the fabrics grant a beautiful appearance of rooms and buildings, contribute to achieving the optimal quality of life and labor ergonomics. At the same time, by protecting against excessive heat and allowing the right amount of light, they reduce power consumption and protect the environment from unnecessary CO2 emissions.


In order to respond to the specific needs and preferences of our customers, Copaco® developed seven groups of screen fabric products based mainly on fiberglass:


OUT - screens designed for external solutions, containing almost indestructible fiberglass;

VISI - finely woven fabrics, absorbing the excess sunlight and offering the excellent visibility to the outside;

CULT - a group of products with special designs and colors, offering the possibly greatest freedom to every Interior Designer;

COOL – screens focusing on ensuring the maximum amount of thermal comfort;

BLOCK - fabrics with unique characteristics, that totally black out the room;

ECO - screens based on recycled fiber or recyclable materials that not only are classified as PVC-free products, but don’t adversely affect the environment;

METAL - product based on recycled materials with an additional ultra-thin layer of aluminum for better reflection in order to improve the electric efficiency.  


The high quality of products offered by Copaco® is confirmed by a standard 5-year warranty on all fabrics, Oeko-Tex and GREENGUARD certificates, and a declaration concerning the REACH regulation, stating that our fabrics feature low-emissions, minimum levels of indoor pollution and lack harmful substances in concentrations adversely affecting human health. Furthermore, the use of Copaco® fabrics can contribute to gain additional points in BREAM and LEED building certification systems, which increases the value of specific projects.


In consultation with key customers, architects, interior designers, and in view of the market, Copaco® has been constantly looking for new solutions and trends that would optimize the customers’ comfort in their everyday life and work. Concepts that were successfully introduced in recent years include:

Presentation and implementation, as the first manufacturer, unique, 3.20 m and 3.50 m wide screens;

Ulterio and Zilario - ecological, internal screen fabrics based on recycled PET fibers made ​​from PET bottles;

Small Batch - system that allows production totally “a la carte” and offers the customer the made-to-measure collection;

Twilite - a completely new fabric designed for EXTERNAL use that was for the first time exhibited at the last R + T 2015 trade fair in Stuttgart. Twilite - with openness factor of 1% - enables the optimal view to the outside and guarantees privacy in the evening and at night.